THANK YOU FOR PARTYING EDGEFEST RESPONSIBLY. Please read all of this jargon so we're all on the same page and we don't have any problems or confusion on show day. We're happy to get you to and from the show. Buses will pick up festival goers from Jerome before Edgefest 2019 begins on Saturday, July 20th at around 10:00A, and will pick up festival goers from Twin Falls at around 10:45A. Our shuttle will take you to Cactus Petes so you're there in time for 12P doors, and before the first band takes the stage. Then, at the end of the night, we'll bring you back to whichever drop-off location we picked you up at. One shuttle will leave immediately after the show (around 11P), and the other will leave around 1A a few hours after the V.I.P. Afterparty kicks off. If you are a general admission ticket holder, you'll likely want to leave after the show - but if you're V.I.P., we want to give you some time to hang with the bands at the Afterparty. ALL FESTIVAL GOERS WILL BE PICKED UP FROM ONE CENTRAL LOCATION IN TWIN FALLS, AND ONE CENTRAL LOCATION IN JEROME. Pick-up/Drop-off point is TBA, but this pick-up/drop-off point will provide for sufficient parking if you're DRIVING to the bus stop - but PLEASE REMEMBER, drinking and driving is illegal, dangerous, and frankly, stupid. If you plan on drinking at Edgefest 2019, please plan for a safe ride from the drop-off point to your house. BUSES WILL NOT DELIVER CONCERT GOERS TO THEIR HOME. Again, there will be ONE pick-up/drop-off point in Twin Falls, and ONE pick-up/drop-off point in Jerome. As we get closer to the event, we will text you with more information on exactly where you'll need to be and when you'll need to be there. RIDES ON THE EDGEFEST 2019 SHUTTLE ARE AVAILABLE AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO TICKET HOLDERS, AND ARE AVAILABLE ON A FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVED BASIS. ANYONE RIDING THE SHUTTLE MUST BE REGISTERED ON OR BEFORE JULY 15TH, 2019. To get registered for a ride, fill in the form below. We'll need a few bits of information from your Edgefest Ticket to confirm that you've purchased / won a ticket and can ride the shuttle for free. Use the diagram below to find the required numbers. Then, fill in the rest of the form and click submit. We will contact you with more information once we've received and confirmed your ride request. Please note that EVERYONE RIDING THE SHUTTLE NEEDS TO FILL OUT THIS FORM. As there are a limited number of seats, and those seats are available to those who have a ticket to the show, please ask each person in your Edgefest party to fill this form out - or, get their ticket information from them and fill it out on their behalf... but every ride request is received and approved for ONE seat on the shuttle. If you only fill out the form for yourself but show up with a guest at the shuttle's pick-up location, YOUR GUEST WILL NEED TO FIND AN ALTERNATE MODE OF TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM THE SHOW so PLEASE, fill this one once for every person who's coming with you to Edgefest. Oh, and have a KICK ASS TIME AT THE SHOW!